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"Jasonwas instrumental in finding for us exactly what we needed at a fairprice and professionally managed the entire process in a very hands-onand knowledgeable way."

- Lance T. Shaner
President & CEO
Shaner Corporation

"You askedfor things from the landlord that I didn't know to ask for and balancedsome business terms embedded in the lease that will serve us favorablyfor years to come... you are an expert in your specialized field oftenant representation..and a true professional. The favorability of ourresults even exceeded what we wanted when we started this project."

- David J.Schneid, Esquire
Robertson, Anschutz & Schneid, P.L.

"Weknow personally the effort and expertise that you exhibited was at thepinnacle of your profession and it was greatly appreciated."

- Eileen Tavormina
Office Administrator
Ullman & Ullman, P.A.

"Weneeded a broker that had a great deal of patience, as we knew we wouldbe shopping quite hard for the perfect space. Jason did not let usdown. On the contrary he impressed us a great deal with his fieldknowledge, with his integrity and with his contacts."

- Jay Litt
Resolution Services, LLC

"Whata pleasant experience we had, with your help, during our recent officerelocation…As our business develops over time, we plan to utilizeyour talents in our search…Thank you again for simplifying ourchallenging undertaking."

- Chris V. Hansen Enclos Corp
General Manager
Enclos Corp

"Thankyou for your professionalism, attention to detail, and negotiatingabilities.You went above and beyond what was expected, demonstratingyour commitment to me.Your leadership with the negotiations saved metime and money.I look forward to doing more business with you."

- John P.Rosplock
White Lotus Collection

"Iwas impressed with your ability to have the landlord completelyrefurbish the space at their expense...You were thorough and alwaysmade sure deadlines were met. You exceeded all of our expectations."

- JeffreyRubenstein
Advanced Public Safety, Inc.

"Wevery much appreciated your ability to quickly understand ourrequirements and, just as quickly, find a sublease opportunity with theright economics. The entire process was quick, efficient, and veryprofessional."

- MitchAlrod
Managing Director
Altes LLC

"Jasonwas highly professional and efficient. He quickly assessed ourrequirements for the new school. Within two weeks we had found theideal property. Our school director had been looking for new space forover a year! Jason also was very helpful in giving us the informationwe needed to structure a tenant-friendly lease."

- MichaelDykstra
Chief Executive Officer
Rue Education

"Whatwe appreciated the most about your services is your assistance innegotiating favorable lease terms...We are growing so fast that wecould not commit to a long-term lease as our real estate needs todaywill certainly be different in three years."

- DavidMichaels
Managing Director
Lexington International, LLC

"Yourprofessionalism, attention to detail, negotiating abilities, and marketsavvy were most appreciated."

- Jason Brown
Brown Parker Demarinis Advertising

"Thanksto your efforts we were able to be released from our previous leaseobligations and get into the space we actually listened towhat we were looking for, did all the research and leg work andpresented me with the information I needed to make a decision."

- Ed Eberle
Chief Operating Officer
TaxAutomation, Inc.

"Yourknowledge of available properties, as well as your networking whichallowed you to discuss possible soon to be available properties, provedinvaluable in our decision."

-Greg Hardy
Director, Human Resources
PhyAmerica Physician Services, Inc.

"…thankyou for making the negotiations such a breeze. You were always aware ofour interests and watching to make sure we were treated fairly."

- Harrison Bentley
Chairman of the Board
- Laura Bentley
John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center

"Youmade the whole process easy, fast and efficient."

- SteveRose


The TomJames Company

"Yourexpertise in knowing the local area as well as professionalism inhandling issues on time and as requested was much appreciated…Youallowed us to do our jobs while you handled yours extremely well."

- MattNichols


All RisksLimited of the Southeast, Inc.


"Wemust all give you very special thanks for your diligent and relentlesspursuit of space which you knew would satisfy our spatial andoperational needs."

- RobertA. Kasky


One WorldAdoption Services, Inc.

"Youorganized the entire effort into a seamless process that only took afew hours of my time, including the property tours. You assembled allthe information for each property we saw in an organized and accuratemanner. It made everything very quick and simple. All our future realestate requirements will be sent to you."

- JamesCramer


CPGSolutions, LLC

"Iappreciate your tenacity in finding us branch sites and for bringingnew opportunities to my attention on a daily basis. It is rare to findsomeone with such commitment to their client’s needs."

-Dennis G.Bedley

President& CEO

SouthernCommunity Bank

"Allour expectations were met but more frequently, they wereexceeded…thank you again for your perseverance and resourcefulness inhelping us to find our new space."


ChiefOperating Officer


"Just aquick note to tell you what a straight up individual you are. Everytime I have referred your name I get a joyful "thank you for putting mein touch with Jason Stagman"! Recently, a contact of mine could notstop raving about your integrity. That genuine quality you have willserve you well."

Echo Fine Properties

"Toour refreshing surprise, you over-delivered what you said you would. Wewant to thank you for finding us a perfect facility for our needs."

- StewartA. Satter

President& CEO

ConsumerTesting Laboratories, Inc.

"Youwent above and beyond the call of duty, demonstrating considerableperseverance and a much-appreciated commitment to your clients...yourassistance with the negotiations simplified and expedited the contractprocess, again allowing us to focus on running our business."

- AdamRubenstein

ChiefOperating Officer

MotionPoint Corporation

"Youfound the perfect space for us after our looking at only a few spaceson the very first day because you took the time to listen and trulyunderstand prior to identifying available properties. You can notimagine how rare that is in a the brokerage community, and I have usedmost of the majors."

- Mark S.Pierce


SunsetMoving & storage, Inc.

"Weare very happy not only with the end result, but the process in whichwe arrived there, as all that had to happen while managing a rapidlygrowing business. You took all the time consuming issues off ourshoulders. We will not hesitate to highly recommend you and yourcompany to our associates and clients."

- BobJackson


BathWizard Corp

Youwere an awesome negotiator on our behalf in more than one area andsaved us literally thousands of dollars in addition to the time savings.

Vice President
Ad Excellence, Inc.

Yourextensive knowledge of our local markets as to inventory, locations andpricing was certainly appreciated and invaluable in completing ourtransaction.

- DonaldT. Cohen, CPA
MedReceivables Advisor, LLC

"Evenafter I moved into our new office space, you were always a phone callaway to answer any questions or help with concerns that arose".

- RobertPedretti
Managing Director
R. Seelaus & Co., Inc

"Iknow it was a long arduous process with many ups and downs but throughyour hard work we were able to get into the right space at the rightprice".

- JeromeG. Quinn, Jr.
Quinn Law Firm, P.A

"AlthoughI am typically a skeptical person, you more than exceeded ourexpectations ensuring we had the right locale for our employees and forthe future of our company".

- CarlosFerrera
Chief Operating Officer
Starmark Benefits

"I[first] contacted two large national brokerages...receiving little orno service...Your assistance with lease negotiations resulted in usreceiving an extra months free rent on one lease, and a greatly reduceddeposit on the other."

- LelandTalcott
Legacy Personnel Group, Inc

"Ifound it unusual and gratifying that a broker would take the time tofully review a proposed lease, offer initial suggestions formodification and even go so far as to prepare suggested black linedrevisions...I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending you toany prospective client."

- EdwardF. Gentner, Jr., Esq.
Cullen and Dykman Bleakley Platt, LLP
Attorney for Independence Community Bank

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