Months Tasks
12 – 6
· Complete negotiations with future Landlord
· Appoint person to manage the moving process
· If necessary, negotiate release from current space
· Determine the number of employees moving
· Discuss plans with employees and solicit their input
5 – 4
· Advise facility managers at both the former and future building in writing of the upcoming move
· Design new office space plan, including carpet, paint & window treatments
· Audit existing furniture, furnishings, equipment and machines for use in the future space
· Order new furniture, furnishings, equipment and machines
· Prepare artwork for announcement letter, business cards, letterhead and envelopes
· Establish criteria for purging files and throwing out old materials
· Arrange for moving company to move office furniture and equipment to new facility
· Arrange for exclusive use of elevators in both buildings for move days
·Inform current customers of the move, visit some in person
· Get change of address cards from the post office
· Apply for and obtain certificate of insurance
· Arrange for extra help to pack, clean and unpack
· Contact the phone company to reserve new phone numbers or arrange for the transfer of existingones
· Install custom wiring for telephone and computer networks
· Schedule telecommunications installation
· Make appointments with utility companies for cutoff and new hookups
· Review final plans of move with employees
· Order cartons and boxes for use during move
· Label all furniture and equipment
· Distribute to employees maps with directions to new facility
· Change address on website and on email signatures in computers
1 week
· Empty desks
· Clear supply cabinets
· Carefully pack breakable items
· Back up computer data
· Disconnect and label computer equipment
· Drain liquids from equipment
· Tag all equipment, desks, chairs, desk pads and chair pads
· Check and record condition of all furniture and equipment
· Label and carefully pack shelves and shelf pegs